The G-Team Base was a series of modern skyscrapers and buildings occupied by the G-Team, which included Grian, TangoTek, StressMonster101 (Sgress), JoeHills (Goe), iJevin (Gevin), ZombieCleo (Gleo), Iskall85 (isgall), and after he was discovered to be a mole, MumboJumbo (Mumbo Gumbo or Molebo Gumbo). The rooms inside were the Control Room, the Stables, The Bunkers, the Entrance Hall (guarded by Gertrude), the Conference Room, and the Panic Rooms, which most were made by StressMonster101. ZombieCleo had tamed and bred a Ginger Army, a band of orange tabby cats, and led them into parts of the base to keep out creepers just in case the S.T.A.R. Team used them as weapons.

The under(g)round

Under the base, accessible by secret bubble-vator, sits the Underground, containing three challenge rooms guarding flags. Grian's challenge contains a parkour, a maze in which lava is dispensed from the ceiling, and an infinity room with a hidden drop into lava. Iskall85's challenge requires three keys to open the flag.

Created on late November-Early December 2018, the G-Team stands as one of two sides during Hermitcraft Civil War, which not only sparked lasting damage to the server, but two remixes ElyBeatMaker titled Team STAR: The Super Weapon, and Joe Hills: His Response were made.

The Ginger Army

The Picture of the uploaded video from ZombieCleo

ZombieCleo bringing the Ginger Army into the G-Team Base

The Ginger Army was a group of about 50 orange tabby cats used as a defense for the G-Team to fend off creepers during the Hermitcraft Season 6 Civil War. ZombieCleo tamed some ocelots and bred them as Grian requested. They were placed in the G-Team's many rooms, including the underground. At the Battle of the White Flag, some of them accompanied ZombieCleo in the fight and soon one of them ended up burning to death according to the chat during the battle. After the war's end, ZombieCleo took some of the Ginger Army and put them in her own Season 6 base.


  • After the fight, Grian goes back to the base and accidentally setting off one of the traps there and losing most of his stuff, also leaving a huge hole.
  • Gimmy, an Elder Guardian, was supposed to be used during the Civil War, but ended up being forgotten and left in the underground
  • The controls in the Control Room included Unleash Gimmy, Lava Fields, but the G-Team Secret Weapon turned out to be a hoard of zombies with player heads on them, they were used against the S.T.A.R. team, which the whole event was planned by Iskall85
  • Gertrude, the Fake Front Door witch was used as a trick to unwanted intruders, was soon killed and replaced. The redstone inside the Door included dispensing a renamed paper, pistons to pus the minecart Gertrude was on, and making a ringing noise as a doorbell. Later on, when the 1.14 update came around, the entity bug took Gertrude as well
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