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The G-Mansion is Grian's Season 7 main base. It is a grand mansion that is symmetrical around the center. It faces into the jungle towwards GoodTimesWithScar's base and MumboJumbo's base. The back is undetailed but complete, as very few hermits would have a reason to view it from this angle.


Sorting system

Grian's first attempt at a large redstone build is found in the main area of the base. This is a large item sorter for every item in the game. It spans the whole room and loops around the outside. It also has a feature which unloades shulker boxes. At the far end of the room the sorting system moves upwards over storage silos for large quantities of blocks, there is a passageway through here.


Along the main corridor from the entrance to the sorting system, the walls are decorated with maps of the area. So far only one map is present, showing several of the builds in the jungle under construction. Grian intends to add more maps as the season preogresses.


Dropped down in the center of the storage room, surrounding Grian's bed, are several villagers. Constructed on a charity stream with Rendog, these villagers have several proffesions and their trades are used to stock the Grian Emporium.

Nether Portal

Grian's nether portal is in a large cavern outside of the mansion. It is dropped into the ground and terraformed to look natural. The portal is too big and thus has to be split into two portals to reach the top of the hole. This portal presents a large issue as once a hermit comes through it, there is no way up to the base without a elytra.


The plan for the inside of the mansion is for it to be filled with farms. A sugar cane farm originally sat under the mansion but was removed to make room for the sorting system. So far no further farms have been built.

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