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MumboJumbo stuck in his Dragon Bros head

The Dragon Bros were a group of Hermits during the Demise event. The members of the group tried to put a Dragon Head enchanted with Curse of Binding on other alive Hermits. The Dragon Bros headquarters were in the Architech bunker.

People Binded


A trapped contraption in Sahara was made by StressMonster101 that would dispense items from a set of dispensers and droppers when a set of buttons on the contraption were pressed. This was discovered by Grian in his 97th episode. After checking through all the buttons to see if the contraption was dangerous or not, Grian realised that the last one has a Curse of Binding Dragon Head in it. However, due to Grian wearing a Golden Helmet at the time, the head was not dispensed onto him. He then realised that Iskall85 doesn't wear a helmet and so convinced Iskall85 to use the contraption and get trapped instead.


As revenge, Iskall85 made his own trap for Grian. He told Grian that if one has Blast Protection on all pieces of armour, one will take next to no damage from TNT. To show this off, Iskall85 built a machine that dispensed all armour onto the person pushing the button and demoed it by using it himself, knowing that his existing dragon head would save him from his own trap. However, when Grian tried it after Iskall85, a Dragon Head with Curse of Binding gets dispensed onto him. After this, Grian and Iskall85 founded Dragon Bros.


Grian told Bdubs, "Do as I do." Grian took off his armour, making BdoubleO100 do the same. Then, he told BdoubleO100 to look down a "FezzBot", a dispenser which looks like a little person. Grian flicked the lever on the side, dispensing the dragon head onto the unsuspecting BdoubleO100, making BdoubleO100 the newest member of the Dragon Bros.


While he was AFK, all three then-members of the Dragon Bros went out searching for MumboJumbo's AFK spot. When they found him, they realised that he had built a safe room which requires the person who wants to enter to know the code. After trying for a while, Grian figured out that the code is 1234. The Dragon Bros entered the safe room and dispensed a Curse of Binding Dragon Head onto MumboJumbo. They also put another layer of iron in front of the exit door before leaving the latest Dragon Bro to finish his AFK session.


Grian, Iskall85, and MumboJumbo got to FalseSymmetry's base and put up a wall with a bunch of signs on it with a carved pumpkin in the middle. With the signs, they asked her to put the pumpkin on. She took off her helmet to do so, and the three Dragon Bros present ran up to her and placed beside her a dispenser with a Curse of Binding Dragon Head in it. They dispensed the head, but by the time they did so, FalseSymmetry had already put the pumpkin on. However, when she then took the pumpkin off, the Bros successfully dispense the Dragon Head onto her, creating the fifth and final Dragon Bro.

Dragon Heads

Name Wearer Trapper Length of Wearing
DEMISE Iskall85 StressMonster101 & Grian (partially) 19 episodes
ok lol Grian Iskall85 4 episodes
DRAGON BRO BdoubleO100 Grian 5 episodes
Mumbo Dragoni MumboJumbo BdoubleO100, Grian & Iskall85 7 episodes
DRAGON BRO FalseSymmetry MumboJumbo, Grian, Iskall85 3 episodes
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