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Demise sign up
Demise was an event started by Grian during Season 6. It costs 50 diamonds to sign up. The hermits couldn't use diamond armour, but they could enchant lesser armour however they want to. The hermits competed to be the last one alive without PvP while doing business as usual. The last one alive would win all the signup diamonds. The total amount of diamonds added to 900 or 14 stacks and 4. When a hermit died, they would change their skin to a grey/silver, monochrome version of their skin and help eliminate the other hermits. The event began at 00:00:00, UTC+00:00, on October 15, 2019, and ended at 12:12:44, UTC+00:00, on December 24, 2019 when Docm77 uploaded his Season 6: Episode 136, when he met his demise, leaving Iskall85 as the winner of the competition. After this, MumboJumbo builds The Saturator. After this, Iskall85 decides to stay alive as long as he can after demise. Then, he auctions off his death to the highest bidder. StressMonster101, Grian, and ImpulseSV all put in their diamonds and Stress got third, Grian second, Impulse first. Later, Grian gave Impulse 32 diamond blocks and they decided to half the death.


18th: Rendog

Rendog decides to try out Grian's Demise Dares. He first draws "Catch the Totem.” The totem falls on the ground, and Rendog lands on the totem, which saves his life. The game originally intended for the totem to be caught mid-air, but Grian changed the specifications without testing it later. Next, he draws "Exit the aquarium". Rendog loses 6.5 hearts in the aquarium, but he manages to break the top block and promptly jumps off the top of the aquarium and falls to his death.

17th: Stressmonster101

StressMonster101 decides to go for Demise Dares as well, having a total of 0 diamonds to her name. She first draws "Exit the aquarium". She jumps in and instantly starts taking damage from the magma. In her panic, she breaks the laws of Minecraft by swimming up a magma block bubble column and calmly breaks the ice at the top, leaving Grian flabbergasted. She then draws "Void Jump," which she aces. Then comes "Fly through the tube", which she survives gracefully as well, always staying just above the lava level. In "Catch the Totem", however, she lands very far from the totem and dies. She doesn't care because she now has 150 diamonds, 150 more than she had 15 minutes prior to her demise.

16th: XisumaVoid

Rendog invites XisumaVoid to come test out his timer at Speedy Pines Raceway. XisumaVoid is wary at first but then begins to trust Rendog. He comes over and completes the test, and a pressure plate is activated by his boat. The finish line was rigged with TNT. He realises too late and tries to escape, but the first explosion takes out his totem and drops him into a room with more TNT, which finishes him off.

15th: iJevin

IJevin was careless while flying, looking at another screen, and he flew straight into a building on MumboJumbo's Evil Island.

14th: GoodTimesWithScar

GootTimesWithScar was making his way to the shopping district through the Nether Hub. He came out of the trapped iTrade portal, which was rigged byRendog and StressMonster101 to drop him into a pit of water, which was full of pufferfish renamed to 'The Grey Skins.' Scar fell into the pit and got pricked to death, with the death message stating 'Scar was slain by the Grey Skins.'

13th: Cubfan135

Cubfan135 does a stunt where he jumps from world height on 5 slime blocks in the middle of lava, the first 2 3x3 and with pressure plates that trigger TNT. He got stuck on the 4th slime block and was shot by a skeleton that XisumaVoid lured over into the lava. Then, he died from fall damage doing another stunt. In the end, XisumaVoid won 4 diamonds from the bet that himself, TangoTek, and GoodTimesWithScar had about whether Cubfan135 would survive or not.

12th: ImpulseSV

While ImpulseSV and TangoTek are out disabling traps on the server, they stumble upon a store in the mall called "Deny Your Demise". The store at first appears to be harmless, but while looking around the store they fall for a clever trap (Using a skeleton, that can see through paintings, that shot an arrow into a snowlayer between TangoTek and him, that triggered a tripwire, which caused the carpets to break and TNT to be dispensed), dropping both of them into a room that is double trapped, destroying both their totems and killing both of them at about the same time.

11th: TangoTek

TangoTek dies in the shop about the same time and the exact same way as ImpulseSV but survived for a short bit longer due to slightly better armour.

10th: Grian

Grian's Hermitcraft episode of 'The Story of my Demise', he was nearly killed several times. When he uses the Nether and travels to the Deadquarters, Cubfan135 and TangoTek let loose several phantoms and Cubfan135 tried using a crossbow firing fireworks. Grian survives, but then when showing FalseSymmetry the Architech bunker, he realises it was rigged so the key doesn't work, he nearly dies from lava. He nearly dies again when completing the challenge at Deadquarters, but then finally dies when he goes back to the Architech bunker to upgrade it, he triggers a timer TNT trap that annihilates him and his items.

9th: FalseSymmetry

In a livestream, FalseSymmetry mines a 2-block andesite pillar set by Cubfan135 in the Medieval District with an observer facing the bottom block. She notices the observer and tries to fly away, but the observer triggers an overkill amount of TNT minecarts, which strips away her totem and kills her almost instantly. The explosion also obliterates a nearby beacon (which Cubfan135 replaces later).

8th: ZombieCleo

When being toured through IDEA's warehouse by BdoubleO100 and Keralis, ZombieCleo meets her demise by falling into a trap off of a conspicuous ledge into IDEA's gift shop. The trap was set up by XisumaVoid who enticed them to take her on a "tour" through their warehouse, and an unsuspecting ZombieCleo walks straight into a pit of TNT and wither roses.

7th: TinFoilChef

TinFoilChef opens a lectern, which, as he turns to the last page, removes the carpet underneath him, sending him into a pool of lava. Despite having a Fire Resistance Potion and Water Bucket, he just laughs it off and dies. According to TinFoilChef, he didn't try to prevent his death because he thought Demise was running too long and wanted to end it faster.

6th: Keralis

Keralis dies to TangoTek's Death by Chicken trap after MumboJumbo talked him into trying the minigame trap while trying to understand the rules. Keralis starts the mini-game by letting the instruction book fall on to the soul sand into a hopper. After this occurs, an arrangement of noteblocks begin to play, and he begins to "machine gun" eggs. MumboJumbo warns him not to hit the end crystal in the middle of the room, but he does anyway. The whole thing explodes, he immediately dies, and MumboJumbo has to scramble away to avoid being killed by the rest of the TNT.

5th: BdoubleO100

To apologise for demising her, BdubouleO100 paid ZombieCleo to use her armour stand skills to write lore for heroes in his diorite castle. While BdubouleO100 was reading ZombieCleo's Eulogy from a lectern, he set off a lava trap. He extinguished the lava at the bottom with a water bucket, but lava fell from above, killing him.

4th: JoeHills

In a livestream, JoeHills opens a door in the Deadquarters and walks through it, landing in a one-block pit. The stone brick is pulled out from under him, and he falls into lava and dies.

3rd: MumboJumbo

MumboJumbo and Iskall85 were on the main island of the End, about to compete over who gets the most shulker boxes in an hour. The winner gets all the End City loot both found. MumboJumbo threw an ender pearl into one of the End Gateways. He landed on TNT minecarts, which blew up instantly and killed him.

2nd: Docm77

Grian tries to set up a log-in lava trap for Docm77, but changed his mind since he knew Docm77 was going to do find out from his viewers. Grian modifies the trap because he knew his viewers will tell Docm77, so he changed it so when he logs on, he triggers tripwire that smashed two TNT minecarts together. Grian kept his camera account on and got to witness Docm77's demise as he logged in and didn't even reach the bottom before he got blown up.

1st: Iskall85

Iskall85 decided to auction his death to the highest bidder. Between StressMonster101, Grian, and ImpulseSV, ImpulseSV took it. Grian later asked ImpulseSV to let him do half, giving ImpulseSV half the diamonds he spent on Iskall85's demise. Grian created a 1950s play in which a redstoner and a builder have an argument which ends with destruction and Impulse created a redstone killing device, complete with traps, trickery and item dispensing. In the end, Iskall85 died due to [His Hatred of Diorite] (a diorite block) and his score was 0.

Demise-Specific Activities

Bunkers and Hideouts

A lot of the Hermits decided to make Demise Bunkers and hideouts to stay safe from traps. Here is a list of a few bunkers and hideouts:

Bunker/hideout Location Picture
The Dragon Bros Bunker. It was set up as the Architechs bunker, but was renamed. It is now compromised. Under the pile of diamonds at Sahara.
Mumbo's Bunker

(connected to the Architech bunker)

On an island in the sea, close to iJevin's fidget spinner base.
ZombieCleo's untrappable

hideout on top of the ocean. It was revealed as a fake, dummy base.

High up on top of an ocean.
Screenshot 20191116-203549
TFC’s Vault Base (not built for Demise, but it is bunker-like and he uses it as a bunker Under Sahara.
Screenshot 20191116-204243
Iskall's safe island resort hideout In a jungle, somewhere.
Screenshot 20191116-202805
ConCorp's secret Bunker Under 'Top Gunpowder'
Screenshot 20191118-082337
Now Compromised:  New Dragon "Bro Cave" Behind Sahara

Demise Dares


Demise Dares was a minigame started by Grian with the sole objective of getting Demise going. It was created in his Season 6: Episode 95.

He set up 4 challenges and did them all on-camera, proving that they are not impossible, and offering 50 diamonds to every Dare completed. This ploy strips him of 250 diamonds but kills Rendog and StressMonster101.


Location Info Kills
Sahara Speedy Pines Raceway Rendog rigs the finish line of the Sahara Speedy Pines Raceway to drop the racer into a pit of TNT, making sure the racer is subjected to two explosions, since most players carry around a Totem of Undying during Demise. XisumaVoid
iTrade entrance The outer ring of the iTrade entrance mat is lined with redstone ore which then remove the rest of the carpets to drop the victim into lava. (None, disarmed)
iTrade Portal Rendog and StressMonster101 rig the iTrade Nether portal in the shopping district to drop any player coming through into a pool of pufferfish renamed to, "The Grey Skins". GoodTimesWithScar


Rendog builds a gift box out of planks and wool, which supposedly contains some extra logs that Big Logz Inc wants to donate to Sahara. It actually contains an empty trapped chest that opens a hole to bedrock, killing the person inside with fall damage. Grian doesn’t fall for it and renames it “BIG SUSS BOX.” (None, disarmed)
Big Logz Inc. Rendog rigged the store to drop pufferfish on top and around you when you enter the store, with an iron door as the entrance so you can’t get out. (None)
In front of Demise iJevin rigs some trees to explode when somebody breaks them. (None, disarmed)
End obsidian-platform entrance Cubfan135 rigs the end obsidian-platform entrance, so that when a hermit enters the end and spawns on the platform, an observer will detect the player, dispensing lava onto the platform. (None, disarmed)
East Nether Tunnel Cubfan135 puts Splash Potions of Harming II into the dispenser at the beginning of the tunnel, and TNT into the dispenser at the end of the tunnel. Along the tunnel, he builds a row of glass panes on the ceiling that knocks you onto string. Observers detect you, then sticky pistons remove the ground and drop you into lava. (None)
Bdubs' Diorite Castle Someone puts a barrel in BdoubleO100 Diorite castle containing Golden Apples, Totems of Undying, and a Diamond, however, opening the Barrel opens up the floor and reveals a pit with Lava. (None, disarmed)
Ore Galore iJevin rigs his shop so that when someone opens a shulker box, Splash Potions of Harming II are rapidly dispensed at the player (None)
Portal in MumboJumbo's witch farm perimeter TangoTek builds a game in where you have to throw eggs on the ground to get chickens on all 6 pressure plates before time runs out. If you fail, TNT is dispensed at you from above. Disarmed by Mumbo, claims Keralis when he decides to try out the 'minigame'
Outside AFK Safety House in MumboJumbo's Industrial District Someone adds TNT under some pressure plates in the middle of the outside of his AFK Safety House. (None, disarmed)
Dragon Bro Meeting Room Cubfan135 and TangoTek rig the Dragon Bro Cave Meeting Room with a trap that when triggered, drops TNT. It is activated using a long hopper timer after the pressure plates to the cave was pressed. Grian
TinFoilChef's Vault A lectern is placed and is rigged to drop the reader into lava as the last page is opened. TinFoilChef
New Dragon Bro Cave Some TNT minecarts are placed circling the table, and any interference would cause them to explode. (None, disarmed)
At the exit of Keralis's house GoodTimesWithScar and Grian build a fake house at the top of the bubble column that leads out from Keralis's house and fill it with pufferfish. (Already dead Keralis, disarmed)
Room of Dark Secrets of the Dead A piece of string is placed to remove the block under it, dropping the victim into lava.


Iskall85's Mushroom Fields Base GoodTimesWithScar builds a bunch of bobble heads because of Secret Santa, he builds one wither which was trapped in the three heads which explodes when a block of the heads is mined. (None)
Docm77's Raid Farm After a long stakeout, Grian built an obsidian box full of lava around Docm77's last location before logging out. Grian later bamboozled the viewers and Docm77 by modifying the trap to instantly blow up when he logs on. Docm77
End obsidian-platform entrance The platform is trapped again, with ignited tnt in unloaded chunks, causing it to only blow up when someone goes in. (None, disarmed)
MumboJumbo's Base XisumaVoid adds a pufferfish to MumboJumbo's bubble elevator and blocks off to top to prevent him from getting out. (None, disarmed)
End Gateway Cubfan135 makes the location you come out of the portal trapped with a pressure plate and a large amount of tnt minecarts. MumboJumbo
iJevin's Base Someone (possibly iJevin himself) rigs his house to drop the person opening the door into lava. JoeHills (after Demise)
Demise Victory Stand Grian rigs the Demise victory stand to ignite TNT when the "fireworks" are activated. (None, disarmed)
Keralis' Path On Keralis path block path, someone undoes one path block into grass, if the block would be made back into a path block, it would explode because of an observer. (None, disarmed)
Nether Tunnels Some people place blocks in the nether tunnels so that if you fly through you will hit the blocks and experience kinetic energy. Grian (already dead)
Architech Bunker Iskall85 rigs the entrance to the Architech Bunker so that if someone without a key card enters, they will fall into lava (None, disarmed)
Ontop of MumboJumbo's Bunker MumboJumbo built a redstone clock that activates Dispensers that fires firecharges. It's toggable. (None)
The Main Entrance to MumboJumbo's Bunker MumboJumbo made a redstone contraption that floods the main entrance to his bunker and the corridors in the bunker with lava when he flicks a lever. (None)
MumboJumbo's Bunker First Corridor MumboJumbo made it so that if he flicks a lever, arrows are rapidly dispensed in the first corridor. (None)
MumboJumbo's Bunker Corridors Alike the Main entrance lava trap, MumboJumbo builds another trap that activates lava in the bunker corridors when he flicks a lever. (None)

Dragon Bros


The Dragon Bros were a group of hermits including Iskall85, Grian, BdoubleO100, MumboJumbo, and FalseSymmetry that had Curse of Binding Dragon heads on them. the Dragon Bro's goal was to make as many people on the alive team to have a Curse of Binding Dragon head on them. Grian first trapped Iskall using something near Sahara, leading to the first dragon bro. A few episodes later, Iskall trapped Grian with another dragon head, and they formed the Dragon Bros. Grian immediately rushed and "converted" BdoubleO100, who then "converted" MumboJumbo. After an Architech meeting, 3 of the dragon bros "convert" FalseSymmetry.

After FalseSymmetry's conversion, the Bro cave was trapped. Most are diffused, however, a timer trap set by Cubfan135 succeeds in nuking the meeting room and killing Grian. A few days later, an even bigger nuke kills FalseSymmetry. The two are buried in the Bro Cave by MumboJumbo and BdoubleO100. They both keep a secret dragon head and promise not to "go after" any living dragon bros. Then, BdoubleO100 places fifth after a retaliation trap from ZombieCleo and Mumbo dies to a TNT nuke. They place fifth and third. Iskall85 later won demise, and continued to wear the dragon head until his death halfway through his last episode.

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