Decked Out Interior

Interior of Decked Out


The entrance to Decked Out

Decked Out is a mini game by TangoTek in the Season 7 Shopping District with help of many other Hermits such as BdoubleO100 and ImpulseSV.


The goal of the game is to collect sets of artifacts and hand them in. Each set contains 4 artifacts, of 4 different rarities: common, uncommon, rare and unique. Each artifact set grants one point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. These artifacts are found in the dungeon which is filled with Ravagers. When players exit the dungeon, they will have a selection of cards that can help them on their next run. Players can trade artifacts with each other, buy items in the shop, bid on the daily auction, and trade in cards for better ones.


Artifact Board

To start, a Hermit should place their player head above an unclaimed artifact board, and take their first shulker with a dungeon key, lodestone compass, and some coins. There are 4 artifacts in each set: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Unique. Hermits must place all of their artifacts from unfinished sets on their board. Any more than 12 artifacts must be traded back to the system in the shop. Trading in an artifact gives 1 coin or a chance for a dungeon key. When a Hermit has all 4 artifacts from a set, they should place them in the barrel in front of their board and turn on the light. TangoTek will manually verify sets at the end of the day.

Acquiring Keys

To get a key to enter the dungeon, Hermits have to find shulker boxes hidden around the Shopping District by TangoTek. These shulker boxes will also contain a lodestone compasses and some coins.

Keys can also be acquired using Compass Ticker in the shop. Roughly every 6 hours, all the lights in the ticker will light up, and a hidden button will be revealed. Pressing it will give a dungeon key and a lodestone compass.

Finally, Hermits can purchase keys and compasses in the shop, and have a chance to get one when turning in an artifact.

Running the Dungeon

The dungeon is a huge, sprawling maze of corridors, themed areas, traps, and secrets. Oh, and of course, several Ravagers. To run the dungeon, Hermits have to put their dungeon key in a barrel to access the warmup area. They should set their spawn in the bed and leave all of their items in the shulkers. The only item allowed in the dungeon is a lodestone compass. Then, players must put the shulker containing their deck of cards in a specific area and press a button. The first five cards in this shulker will be applied to the dungeon and alter gameplay. A noteblock will be played for each card. As soon as the noteblocks have finished, they can enter the dungeon.

Finding Loot

Once entering, Hermits should look at their lodestone compass (if they have one) and see where it's pointing. Once they find the spot where the compass is going crazy, they should drop it on the ground, and wait a few seconds to receive their shulker of 3 or 4 artifacts and some coins. Hermits are recommended to leave the dungeon as soon as possible after this. If a Ravager kills them, their loot will be lost forever!

Hermits can also find coins in the barrels and chests hidden throughout the dungeon, and in rare cases, cards or artifacts. Loot Finder cards will increase the number of coins available.

The final thing to do in the dungeon is punch out Soul Flames, which increases the quality of cards to pick from available after exiting the dungeon. Soul Flames will only appear if the Hermit had Soul Seeker cards in their deck.


Even if a Hermit is being as stealthy as possible, there's a chance they might make a little noise, also known as Clank. They'll know when generating Clank because a sound effect will play. Generating Clank might let Beasts know where Hermits are, as many walls in the dungeon will open up at let them see Hermits from farther away. If Clank is high enough, the Spirts of the dungeon will come alive (Evokers and Vexes). Hermits can check their clank level by listening to their (noteblock) heartbeat. The higher the Clank level, the faster their heartbeat.


  • Stealth: Lower chance to generate clank. A tiptoe sound effect will play, showing that stealth has negated Clank. The higher the rank, the higher the negation chance.
  • Beast Sense: Bells will ring, which outlines all the Ravagers in the dungeon, allowing Hermits to avoid them. The higher the rank, the more often the bells will ring.
  • Resistance: Gives the resistance beacon effect. The higher the rank, the more often the effect is active.
  • Loot Finder: More coins will appear in barrels. Does not affect the appearance of cards or artifacts.
  • Soul Seeker: Activates Soul Flames. Punching out Soul Flames will give a better selection of cards after exiting the dungeon. Normally, cards will almost always be tier I, but punching out a few Soul Flames will make tier II cards more common, and maybe even tier III cards. The higher the rank of Soul Seeker, the more Soul Flames will be active.
  • Speed Boost: Gives the speed beacon effect. The higher the rank, the more often the effect is active. (This skill may not have been implemented).
  • Feast: In the dungeon, Hermits will lose hunger. The higher rank, the more food will drop/be awarded at the start. (This skill may not have been implemented).

The first 5 cards in the shulker box deck will be applied to the game. Unlike artifacts, Hermits can keep all the cards they get, and switch them out based on the skills they want.

Each card has a tier value (I, II, III). Cards of the same type stack their effectiveness. For example, Stealth I + Stealth II would add up to Stealth III and 5 Stealth III cards would grant Stealth XV1. If a Hermit has a dungeon key, but no lodestone compass, they might choose to run Loot Finder XV, to get as many coins as possible and leave quickly.


Just by the exit, there is the "Ye Old Shoppe" where Hermits can buy artifacts, cards, or keys. Putting the amount of coins in the barrel will give them the item. However, if the redstone lamp is off, the item is sold out. TangoTek will refill the stock daily.

The Auction

Every day or so, there will be a silent auction for a special item. To bid, Hermits should place their bid in the barrel in front of their artifact board and turn on the light. Hermits should not look in other Hermits barrels to see how much they have bid. At the end of the auction, the item will end up in the barrel of the winner. Losers will get their bids back, minus a few coins. This means it isn't worth bidding unless Hermits expect to win.


  • No breaking blocks or entities.
  • Must enter armorless/empty inventory except for a lodestone compass or "other items you have purchased for the game." This means other items may be allowed in the dungeon later on.
  • All artifacts must go on board. Extra artifacts must be traded in.
  • Zombies, Skeletons and Vexes will be in the dungeon. Those are allowed to be killed but any other mobs aren't.
  • Nothing must be used or taken unless in a chest or barrel.
  • No sleeping in the dungeon. (Not a good idea)
  • Anything decked out related that is un-needed (such as loot shulker boxes) must be returned.


1. Forest - Features Mausoleum

2. Kingdom - Throne room created on a livestream with ZedaphPlays

3. Dungeon

4. Glacier


Each Artifact Set comes in 4 Rarities. Common - Uncommon - Rare - Unique. These are the sets. Each Artifact in the sets are listed from Common to Unique.

  • The Red and Green Set were replaced by the 6 sets below and they contained: Dye (color of set), Wool(color of set), Banners (color of set) and Glazed Terracotta (color of set)
  • Dragon Set: Obsidian, End Crystal, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Head
  • Wither Set: Soul Sand, Wither Rose, Wither Head, Nether Star
  • Ocean Set: Sea Pickle, Sea Lantern, Sponge, Heart Of The Sea
  • End Set: End Rod, Eye Of Ender, Ender Chest, Shulker Head
  • Nether Set: Glowstone, Shroomlight, Ancient Debris, Respawn Anchor (Micro Block)
  • Shiny Set: Lapis Lazuli Block, Gold Block, Emerald Block, Diamond Block
  • Bee Set: Honey Block, Honeycomb, Beehive, Angry Bee Head
  • Witch Set: Nether Wart, Cauldron, Brewing Stand, Witch Head
  • Enchantment Set: Lapis Lazuli, Bookshelf, Bottle O' Enchanting, Enchanting Table
  • Poison Set: Rotten Flesh, Spider Eye, Pufferfish, Poisonous Potato
  • Villager Set: Haybales, Anvil, Bell, Iron Golem Head

Many more sets are bound to come as TangoTek explained. More sets will be introduced the more Hermits play.

Bugs, Mistakes and Fixes

During The Making Of Decked Out, BdoubleO100 tried adding Bells to The Interior Decoration. However, this affects the game because of the Beast Sense Outlining. The Bells have been removed.

During Cubfan135's run, Clank was not generating. This has been fixed. On his second run, he had left his armor on. Unfortunately, Cub had died while trying to make it back. He lost the armor and had to repair it.

During iJevin's first, ImpulseSV's first and FalseSymmetry's Second Run, they both accidentally left their armor on. This didn't affect FalseSymmetry's run, but it effected iJevin's when he died to a ravager. ImpulseSV ended up breaking the game when TangoTek reminded him. This is fixed.

While Grian was making the Mycelium Resistance Headquarters under his barge, he accidentally stumbled upon Decked Out almost ruining a bit of it.

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