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Biffa2001 is an inactive Hermit. He joined in Season 1. Biffa2001 is whitelisted on the server in Season 7, even though he is inactive.

Season 1

His Season 1 base was on an island right next to a stronghold. He drained out the surrounding sea using sand to expand his base. He was also on the team which comprised of him, XisumaVoid, Generikb, Hypnotizd, and TopMass, that first killed the Season 1 Ender Dragon. He also had a cat that was unfortunately lost when the server was first reset.

Season 2

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Season 3

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Season 4

Biffa2001 made a return to the vanilla server in April 2016, 2 months after Season 4 started. He set up in the South Residential District alongside Xisumavoid, ZombieCleo, PythonGB and JoeHills. Biffa2001's main base for the season was 3 'Mega Blocks'. These blocks were a furnace, crafting table, and double chest. Although the furnace would later be converted into a pumpkin as a Halloween prank.

Alongside his main base, Biffa2001 also set up a mob drop shop in the shopping district named 'Biffa's Spawner Shop'. In September Biffa2001 also took on 'Cub's Quest'.

Biffa2001 uploaded his final episode on the Season 4 server on the 16th November 2016, due to being burned out on vanilla Minecraft.

Season 5

Biffa2001 would return to Hermitcraft when Season 5 started. On the first day, he teamed up with PythonGB and they built two AFK fish farms together and competed to see who would get the best loot after 1 hour of fishing.

Biffa2001 set up his main base in a village only a few hundred blocks from spawn. There he built a storage room he named the Octavoid. Biffa had plans to refurbish the village and build more houses along the winding river, however these plans would never come into fruition.

Biffa2001 teamed up with Welsknight to form the OHO (Original Hermit Order). They were an enemy of the NHO as they claimed that the new way of doing things was better than the NHO's old school ways. Biffa2001 ended up exposing Bdouble0100 when he found an AFK fish farm in his base. This was after Bdoubleo100 had condemned AFK fishing, saying it was 'too cheaty'. Biffa2001 would also go on to build one at the border of the NHO Jungle out of spite.

Unfortunately this storyline would be cut short, as Biffa2001 left the Season 5 server in June 2017, just 2 months after it launched. This was once again due to him falling out of love with vanilla Minecraft.

Season 6

Biffa2001's main base was located in an ocean monument. It doubled as a farm powered by a conduit. His base also had an AFK fish farm from build limit to the water with a storage system.

Biffa2001's Season 6 Episodes [ View List ]
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1 Video Thumbnail Grian Vs Biffa Adventure Time!! 19 July 2018 More info ⟶

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