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BdoubleO100, known for short as BdoubleO or simply Bdubs, is a member of the server that joined with Juicetra, Skyzm, and Pungence on January 5th, 2013. He is part of the B-Team with official member Generikb. He has 1,480,000 subscribers.[1]

BdoubleO100 is well known for his great building skills. He is also Pungence's older brother.

Season 1

BdoubleO100 did not record any of season 1, he was just playing for fun. That makes it really hard to get information about what he had done that season.

Season 5

He joined and became a member of the NHO with Docm77, VintageBeef, and EthosLab. He built a giant tree house surrounded by a dome in the jungle. He forged alliances with StressMonster101 and became an honorary member of the Allium Alliance. Half way through season 5, BdoubleO Built a Giant Tree dome that was pranked by the members of La Revolution, Iskall85 and Rendog.

Season 6

BdoubleO fell out of the sky and died in many hermits' videos, dropping his head until he fell in Keralis's swimming pool. He was part of Idea, rival to both Sahara and ConCorp. He was part of the Dragon Bros and died in Demise, placing 5th. He was transforming a village with Keralis near Area 77. His base was a castle made from diorite that even Iskall85 deemed "beautiful."

Season 7

BdoubleO100 started the season on the starter island with the other Hermits. His starter base was half of the mansion he purchased in Season 6 from Grian. He and Doc built a replica of the mansion, dividing it in half and becoming neighbors.

He decorated his half of the mansion with his interior decorating skills and made it into a resort for Keralis to stay for a while in order to make some diamonds. Docm77 and BdoubleO100 started a mini prank war between themselves, pranking each other's bases, both trying to lure Keralis to spend his diamonds at their games. After Doc destroyed his redstone gambling system and sabotaged his pool with pufferfish, BdoubleO100 and Keralis attempted to get revenge by tricking Doc to take a diamond block off of an observer, which would trigger an explosion, destroying Mount GOATmore. However, tragedy struck when Keralis accidentally triggered the trap.

Docm77, now the Goatfather, decided to to take revenge on Keralis and BdoubleO100. He and Keralis went into hiding from Docm77. To avoid him, BdoubleO100 moved to some plains east of GOAT Bay to build his own village. There, he began building several buildings, each functioning as part of his base: his main house, his flower building and flower fields, his horse stable, his fishing shack, and his mining house, which connects to the ravine where he does most of his mining. During this time, Doc and FalseSymmetry ambushed and killed him for blowing up Mount GOATmore. BdoubleO100 and Docm77 made up when BdoubleO100 went to seek judgement from the newly-rebuilt Goat mountain. However, the Goat judged him harshly, killing him. At his base once more, he then began outlining a massive terraforming project where he plans to create a huge mountain and build his megabase on top of it, overlooking his plains base.

BdoubleO100 works with TangoTek and Impulse in a company called the Boomers, where other Hermits hire them to blow things up. They have a location in the shopping district in which Hermits can place orders on the first floor, while the second floor holds a partially exploded meeting room. This location was made in Episode 9. So far, they've helped Cubfan explode two mountains near his pyramid, helped Ren explode some stone below his base, accidentally blowing up his base in the process, helped Keralis explode a sunken ship, and helped Iskall explode Allan, the Woody the Woodpecker statue, who pooped a lot of diorite. False also called in an order which hasn't been made yet.

Alongside Grian and GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100 built the Town Hall in the shopping district in one massive sitting. He then worked on the interior of the building a little later.

BdoubleO100 also partnered with xBCrafted in the Red Zone. Both Hermits take 50% of the profit, and, in return, BdoubleO100 rebuilt the store in another location in the shopping district, away from the town hall.

BdoubleO100 became part of the Hermticraft mayoral elections when he convinced GoodTimesWithScar to run for mayor, signing on as his campaign manager/serjeant after seeing Scar's lackluster signs. He has promised to build a map advertising Scar's run for mayor.


Season 1

Episode Number Thumbnail Episode name Premier dare Episode Link

Season 5

Episode Number Thumbnail Episode name Premier date Episode Link

Season 6

Episode Number Thumbnail Episode name Premier date Episode Link

Season 7

Episode Number Thumbnail Episode name Premier date Episode Link
1 I live in Half of a House! February 29, 2020 Episode 1
2 Mysterious Nighttime


March 4, 2020 Episode 2
3 I Made a Bedroom for

the GOAT

March 7, 2020 Episode 3
4 I Accidentaly Gave

Away ALL of my


March 11, 2020 Episode 4
5 I Blew Up My Neighbors


March 19, 2020 Episode 5
6 My Secret Hidden

Escape Tunnel!

March 22, 2020 Episode 6
7 My Head For Some


April 2, 2020 Episode 7
8 They Tricked Me! April 7, 2020 Episode 8
9 My Explosive New Shop April 12, 2020 Episode 9
10 Buisiness is Booming! April 19, 2020 Episode 10
11 We Flattened Huge


April 25, 2020 Episode 11
12 This Was A Big Mistake! May 2, 2020 Episode 12
13 Town Hall Interior May 7, 2020 Episode 13
14 A New Redstone Shop May 14, 2020 Episode 14

Notable Series


  • His YouTube name refers to the first three letters of his last name.
  • John lives in Michigan. He has a wife named Nicole, and two daughters named Ariana and Eden.
  • He previously worked as a general contractor, at Booko Brothers Inc. for about 8 years before doing YouTube full-time.
  • The web color #b00100 is also the same color as his headband.


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