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The Armor Stand book being used to edit a armor stand

Armor Statues is a data pack made by Muki Tanuki and Phssthpok available in Vanilla Tweaks[1] and CurseForge[2]. This data pack allows one to modify the settings and pose of armor stands using a book with clickable links. This data pack also adds a unique book that allows you to alter the properties of armor stands in survival.


This data pack uses a book of clickable links to modify the settings and pose of armor stands. Once the data pack is installed, use "/trigger as_help" to see how to obtain the book. (By default this is by clicking a link in the help text but this can be changed in the admin settings.) Admin settings are available using "/function armor_statues:admin" command and include:

  • Creating and removing a particle shrine for obtaining the book.
  • Enabling and disabling a crafting method for obtaining the book.
  • Enabling and disabling the link in the help text for obtaining the book.
  • Removing unused armor stands; ones that are invisible and do not hold or wear any items.

The help text will be amended to show the selected method(s) of obtaining the book The help text also includes options to have notification messages in either the action bar or in chat.

ZombieCleo is an expert at using the book. She made a full in-depth showcase of the book.




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Season 8[]

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