Outdated map of Area 77 seen in Grian's Season 6: Episode 84

Area 77 is a theme park co-owned by Docm77 and GoodTimesWithScar in Season 6 based on the US secret Air Force base Area 51. It is used for storing what Docm77 and GoodTimesWithScar consider strange or dangerous things.

Points Of Interest


Area 77 Airbase/Warehouse

  • Built by GoodTimesWithScar. A large warehouse with an attached airfield, used for storing dangerous objects. It currently stores Scara Junior, the Salmon Man, and much more. The hippies speculated that Area 77 holds Grian's Time Machine and Villager Grian which was later confirmed during their raid.

Infinity Portal

It is a glitched Nether Portal made by Docm77 with Diamond Blocks. Keralis made his return to the server through it. Docm77 went through it with Hans the fox and ended up on the Mindcrack server (A SMP he was part of before Hermitcraft.) After he left Hans with Guude and Jsano19 of the Mindcrack server, Docm77 ended up on his old let's play world. Later, some Hermits used the portal to reach Season 7.

Hippie Commune

The Hippie Commune is an anti-Area 77 base just outside of Area 77 founded by Grian and Rendog to get their stuff back. ImpulseSV joined later as a redstone worker for the countdown clock. 

Docm77 and GoodTimesWithScar spied on the commune in Docm's Season 6: Episode 118 and Scar's Season 6: Episode 96.

Alien space ship

The alien space ship is a giant UFO the holds a raid farm created by Docm77.

Objects Inside Area 77

  • The Salmon Man
  • Scara Junior
  • Two BdoubleO100 "Severed" Heads
  • The Shopping District parachute Bomb
  • Renbob's Nuclear Reactor (Stolen by the hippies in Grian's episode 90)
  • Cubfan135's Pineapple
  • Hippie Flowers
  • Docm77's Cursed Nether Portal
  • Grian's Time Machine (Stolen by the hippies in Grian's episode 90, later destroyed from exiting minecraft alpha.)
  • Villager Grian
  • Keralis (Previously, released)
  • Keralis's Beach House
  • The Falsewell UFO
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