Architechs, formerly Buildstone, is a group where Mumbo JumboGrian and Iskall combine the power of building and redstone.


A Hermitcraft alliance called "Buildstone" was Grian's idea. After seeing the other Hermits forming alliances throughout the server (e.g. the ConVex, the N.H.O., etc.), he sat down in his conference room and attempted to recruit Mumbo Jumbo.

The group was established in Mumbo's Season 6: Episode 5 and Grian's Season 6: Episode 4 with Grian and Mumbo as the only members.

The new logo of the group was created in Grian's Season 6: Episode 22.

After loads of comments suggesting to invite iskall85 to the Architechs, it happened in Grian's Season 6: Episode 53.


The first big project of the Architechs group is Sahara, a shop made to be a rival of ConCorp.

Sahara is a shop that automatically brings your items to you from a warehouse. Sahara's goal is to supply a large majority of items for its customers.

Sub Projects

-Sahara Hermitlands

-Sahara Eats

-Sahara Now

Sahara Now is a branch of Sahara which works as a membership. The lifetime membership costs 100 diamonds and gives members access to the upper level of the Sahara shopfront. Members get cheap deals for food, building materials, and other necessities at a generally low price.

-Sahara Fuel

Sahara Fuel is another branch of Sahara which sets up "fuel stations" which are going to have golden carrots, bottles of enchanting, and rockets.

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